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Polarising reactions follow as Feni college bans smartphones

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Published: 2017-11-09 00:31:06

The ban has been enforced to curb 'smartphone addiction' among students and make them focus on their studies, according to the college authorities

Feni Government College has banned students from using smartphones inside classrooms, inciting polarising reactions by the students, teachers and parents.

A significant number of parents and students supported the ban, which was enforced on Thursday, but a faction of students criticised the move made by the college.

“Smartphones have lots of features, but it draws the students’ attention away from studies. The ban will help the students concentrate more on lessons,” said Nurul Amin Bhuiyan, general secretary of Feni Government College Council, over phone on Friday.

Speaking to, some parents lauded the college’s decision, saying the students’ uncontrolled addiction to smartphones and had also led to an addiction to Facebook.

The social media addiction has severely affected the education of these students, the parents lamented.

On the other hand, a number of students of the college claimed that smartphones help them find academic material on the internet.

They added that the smartphones also have some helpful applications such an English-to-Bangla dictionary, and demanded that the ban be withdrawn.

However, some of the students supported the move saying that the smartphone addiction had reached a critical level in their college, and the ban was a necessary measure.

They added that the ban should affect the teachers as well as some teachers spend more time on their phones, rather than concentrating on giving lessons in class.

Speaking on the issue, Feni Government College Principal Prof Abul Kalam Azad said: “Smartphone use by the students has been banned in classrooms. Guardians will also be given further instructions regarding the matter.”

Feni Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Roy said the government would soon issue strict guidelines regarding smartphone use by students.

“Instead of studying, students are using smartphones to gossip till late night. I am urging the parents to be vigilant against this kind of behaviour,” he told.

According to sources, Feni Government College authorities banned the use of smartphones inside classrooms on Thursday. The decision was put into effect through a notice following an academic council meeting at the college.