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JSC exam: Not a single paper without question leaks

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Published: 2017-11-09 00:43:35

We cannot concentrate on our study without having those questions provided with answers which can be obtained only at Tk500'

The Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations kicked off countrywide on the first day of November and the question papers of these examinations can be availed from several Facebook and Whatsapp groups prior to the examination.

The test for Information and Communication technology was held on Thursday and the question paper was a replica of the copy that was obtained by the Bangla Tribune ahead of the exam.

Question papers of all the previous five exams that took place from November 1 to November 7 were available in these groups at least one hour before the exam.

It has been promised from several Facebook accounts that they can provide students with the question papers from the night before the examination.

These syndicates start adding members to closed Facebook or Whatsapp groups from the afternoon before the exam date. The syndicates provided the questions for the Bangla First Paper, the first examination that took place on November 1, for free in order to gain the trust of the students.

From the second day, they started providing question papers in exchange for money.

When contacted, the two students, who have been obtaining leaked questions since the first day of the exam, said: “We commented on a Facebook post that declared they would provide exam questions on Facebook, and since then we started receiving messages from several Facebook accounts and groups. Initially, we did not believe them. But now it has become an addiction. We cannot concentrate on our studies without having those question papers with answers, which can be obtained for only Tk500.

A guardian of one of these students, wishing to be unnamed, said: “We are in a serious trouble. We understand this is wrong. But our children are not that mature. They exasperate us if we prohibit them from obtaining the questions. Why does the government not come up with a solution to this problem? We humbly request the government to save our new generation.”

The question leaking syndicates are taking extra security measures to avert the eyes of law enforcers. First, they advertise on several Facebook groups and identify interested students. After that, the students have to upload scanned copies of their admission card in order to verify themselves as examinee. After verification, students are added to a closed group and provided with the different sections of the question paper as suggestions throughout the night before the exam.

The whole questions with answers are revealed only one hour before the exam and the examinees send Tk500 to a given mobile number through bKash or rocket. After all the processes are completed, the syndicates remove the group and open another new group for the next exam.

However, the authorities concerned have always been denying these accusations despite frequent media reports with authentic evidence. Educationists expressed serious apprehension over the long-term consequences of the matter.

Tapan Kumar Sarker, examination controller at Dhaka Education Board said: “We do not have any information on question leaks. BTRC is informed of the matter and they will take necessary measures.”

However, BTRC Chairman Shahjahan Mahmud said: “We do not investigate how the question is leaked. That lies with the Education Board. We just shut the link if we receive any complaint. But the education ministry does not file any specific complaint.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has repeatedly blamed teachers for this crime.

Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) Executive Director Rasheda K Chowdhury said: “Examinations nowadays can hardly be imagined without a question leak. But the people concerned of the education ministry have been denying the allegations and the grimness of the problem is increasing day by day. The government should declare question leak as a criminal offence in order to get rid of this gruesome practice.”